Epoux lovely Candyball blusher

CODE: epoux-lovely-candy-ball-blusher

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epoux-lovely-candy-ball-blusher-pink epoux-lovely-candy-ball-blusher-peach

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Made In Korea.

It is a process in which the contents of the powder are kneaded at once and matured after being molded in different sizes. Different colors are kneaded one at a time, which densifies the distance between the powder, strengthening cohesion and stability. It molds 8 different ingredients in the same size and amount, matures them, and then combines them, providing excellent mutual cohesion between each color which allows smooth and even application. There is no lumping of colors or powder, providing excellent application and usage.

Name Epoux lovely glam up lip gloss Category baked ball type blusher
Volumes 10g Material LDPE /cap:other(PP+AL)/box:paper
Size 59 × 59 × 30(mm) Dosage Form baked ball type