Epoux lovely glam up lip gloss

CODE: epoux-glam-up-lip-gloss

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epoux-glam-up-lip-gloss-milky-pink epoux-glam-up-lip-gloss-pink-blossom epoux-glam-up-lip-gloss-coral-peach epoux-glam-up-lip-gloss-glossy-coral epoux-glam-up-lip-gloss-crystal-red epoux-glam-up-lip-gloss-juicy-orange epoux-glam-up-lip-gloss-peach-beige

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Made In Korea.

This excellent long lasting lip gloss helps you to express voluptuous and glowing lips through its gorgeous colors and by covering up the lip wrinkles with the glam recover system. The glam pearl controls reflections on the lips which makes them luxuriously glow. It contains marine oils including brown algae, laminaria digitata, and seaweed extracts that make the lips healthy by supplying nutrition.

Name Epoux lovely glam up lip gloss Category Tip type lip gloss
Volumes 4.7g Material plastic /cap:other(PP+AL)/box:paper
Size 28 × 20 × 112(mm) Dosage Form Liquid formula