Organic Fermented Petal Toner_3Kinds

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Global Cosmetics Industry, the key word is NATURAL!!!
  • Put several flowers in a transparent container and differentiated visual.
  • Variety of natural flowers, depending on the concept, as it can be applied

Keep the skin in the nature


  • This is a natural cosmetic using only naturally derived materials

  • Organic materials are fermented twice to minimize the destruction of nutritious components
    Particles have been made small(less than 80nm) so that more nutrient ingredients can be

  • This products has been made based on organic plant juice which has been extracted for
    6 hours at low temperature.

  • This products has acquired the Germany organic / natural cosmetics
    'BDIH Certificate' first Korea

  • Whamisa's products are made under "zero additive principle"
    Synthetic preservative /chemical surfactant / artificial pigment / artificial fragrance / alcohol /
    GMO material / petroleum chemical components

  • We apply KFDA'S organic plant standards, which is stricter than what is required of
    imported organic products (organic mass not less than 10%, 90% natural)

OEM Proposal
Name Organic Fermented Petal Toner_3Kinds(Rose,Calendula, Jasmine) Product Line Face
Volumes 50 ~ 150ml Description Glassy PETG bottle
Material PETG Shape Spray


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