Organic Fermented Flower Toner

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Made In Korea.

  Organic Double-Fermentation Product made from Organic Flower

1. This is a natural cosmetic using only naturally derived materials

2. Organic materials are fermented twice to minimize the destruction of nutritious components.Particles have been made small (less than 80 nm) so that more nutrient ingredients can be

3. This products has been made based on organic plant juice which has been extracted for 6 hours at low temperature.

4. This products has acquired the Germany organic/natural cosmetics ‘BDIH Certificate’ first Korea.

5. Whamisa’s products are made under ‘”zero additive’ principle

    Synthetic preservative / chemical surfactant / artificial pigment / artificial fragrance / alcohol /GMO material / petroleum chemical components

6. We apply KFDA’S organic plant standards, which is stricter than what is required of imported organic products. (organic mass not less than 10%, 90% natural)

  • 97% Organic Ingredients (100% Natrural)
  • Organic Double-Fermentation
  • BDIH Certificate First Korea
  • 7 Free

This is an organic fermented flower toner that uses organic crysanthemum extract that is extracted at low temperature without using water, and supplies moisture, elasticity and nutrition th the skin to keep it moist and elastic for a long time.

*This is easy spray type. Spray just after washing or dry skin

Name Organic Fermented Flower Toner Product Line Face
Volumes 150ml   /     200g(G) Description Glassy PETG bottle
Material PETG Shape Spray